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Confirmation Guidelines
Confirmation Requirements


Confirmation Guidelines

Our Confirmation Program encompasses grades 8 thru 10.  Confirmation classes meet every other Sunday beginning with attendance at the 9:30 Mass with class directly afterward until 11:40AM.  Students are required to participate in Stewardship Projects geared towards helping those within our community.  Notices will be sent home regarding these projects. 


All 8th, 9th, and 10th graders are required to attend additional programs as well as all scheduled classes.  There is a required student/parent orientation at the beginning of each year.   


Students will also be required to complete a number of Service Projects each year.  Service Projects  will be assigned by classroom and grade.  There are many ways in which to serve the church and community.  Students are invited and challenged to find new and exciting ways to perform their service projects.  All independent projects will need to be approved by the Director of Religious Education.  Please ask your teacher for an Independent Project Application Form.


Student Interviews

Student interviews will be conducted prior to the scheduled Confirmation date.  Students will meet with the Pastor and Director of Religious Education to discuss their roles in the church and to access their basic church knowledge.  Students will be given time to prepare for this interview.  parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministry is a required part of those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Students will be asked to take an active role in one of the church ministries for two years.  In this way they will continue their faith formation as active members of the church community while serving as role models for the youth of the parish.


Retreat participation will be required of all Confirmation students prior to receiving the sacrament.  Students will be given ample time to make arrangements to attend this mandatory retreat.  Parents are welcome to attend, however, adequate supervision will be provided and parent participation is not required.


Transportation to and from all activities is a family responsibility.  If students do not have transportation we can provide you with a list of classmates' names so that you can make arrangements.

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